Gas vs Electric Water Heater

如果你有 热水器 installed in your home for the first time, one of the first decisions you must make is whether it will be gas or electric. Since both are available for most sizes, the decision most often comes down to what connections you have available and their relative cost.
To learn more about which type of 热水器 in will be most effective and cost efficient for your home, 致电澳门电子游戏十大公司排行供暖公司, 澳门电子游戏十大公司排行 & 今天的管道. One of our technicians can discuss your options with you and provide the 热水器 installation services needed for your new electric or gas 热水器 in .


Gas 热水器s require a gas line to operate so if your home does not have natural gas connections, then this will not be an option. However, if you do have natural gas, a gas 热水器 may be a good fit for your needs.

Gas 热水器s have a pilot light that ignites a burner plate beneath the tank whenever the temperature of the water in the tank drops below the thermostat setting. Most modern gas 热水器s have electronic ignition to ensure only as much gas as is needed is used for your system. Because a gas 热水器 burns gas, it requires an exhaust system as well. This means it needs to be patched into the chimney or a separate ventilation system. This can add to the installation cost if you do not currently have a gas appliance in your utility room.


Whereas gas 热水器s use a burner plate, electric 热水器s use electrical elements to heat the water. 比如燃气热水器, an electrical model will turn on when the temperature drops below the thermostat setting. The elements will turn on and start to heat the water.

Because you don’t need to connect an electric 热水器 to a gas line or exhaust system, installation is less expensive and can usually be completed relatively fast. 另外, you can install insulation upgrades like a 热水器 blanket that will reduce heat loss from the tank without worrying about the gas burners.

The trade-off of easier and less expensive installation is that an electric 热水器 is often more expensive to operate. 在印第安纳波利斯, IN and the surrounding area, electricity is more expensive than natural gas and will likely remain that way for some time. So, you will pay more to operate your 热水器 if it is electric.

最终, the decision on what type of 热水器 is best for your home depends on the size of your home, the relative cost of installation and what you currently have installed. If you only need a small 热水器 for a basement apartment, electrical might be your best option, whereas a full–sized gas 热水器 may be better for your entire home.

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